One of the most prominent horse health products

  • A better blood circulation within the muscles
  • A faster absorption of blood sugars
  • A faster discharge of lactic acid
  • A more comfortable and efficient warm-up

Sundance offers horse health products in the form of solariums. These are one of the most prominent health products for horses which work both preventive and restorative against a horse's injuries, this is done by providing a good warm-up before training and improving the overall waste management of the horse. All this is mainly done by using infrared heat lamps in our solariums.

All Sundance horse solariums are equipped with these heat lamps and will provide the horse with both a pleasant, warming experience aswell as drastically improving health and well-being. It creates the effect of warm sunshine in an open field inside your stable, without the UV radiation, which is not that healthy in some cases.

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